Junte Boricua is a people's project that aims to create the most significant tourism initiative in Puerto Rico in recent years.


Our purpose



Built around the concept of Heritage tourism, the aim is to boost tourism as a key contributor to Puerto Rico’s national product, by increasing the amount of visitors, the length of their stay and in turn growing the economic activity, with a focus on the community level.



The main audience of Junte Boricua will be the Puerto Rican diaspora in the US, which currently constitutes close to half of all island tourists. We will celebrate and connect them with their culture, thereby strengthening our ties and shared pride with them.



In the end, Junte Boricua will mobilize citizens, communities, government and business to work collectively on behalf of Puerto Rico’s economic recovery for a  social dividend.

Piragua de Frambuesa
Plato de comida del restaurante Lolas en Ponce
Playa Tamarindo en Culebra
Talla de Reyes Magos

How Junte Boricua will work?

A project for our people, by our people, this Junte is expected to exceed expectations, becoming the best and most productive gathering in Puerto Rico in the last few years. The over 100 volunteers working in the planning and implementation of this Junte will have a strong focus on community events so as to move visitors throughout  Puerto Rico.

With the awareness of the need to meet Boricuas where they are, the first activities in this Junte will be stops at the cities with the largest Puerto Rican population:


Mapa de cuidades

Cities to be visited:

  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • Connecticut
  • Philadelphia
  • Dallas
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Tampa
  • Miami
  • Orlando

Events Strategy

Tier 1: New events

Junte Boricua’s grand opening and closing festivals, which will welcome Puerto Ricans ‘de aquí y de allá’ and that will set the tone for the activities happening throughout the Junte’s season.

  • Open Ceremony @ El Morro 
    • Puerto Rican Day Parade in San Juan
  • Closing Ceremony

Tier 2: Existing enhanced events

Events taking place at the Puerto Rico Convention District Authority:

  • Coliseo de Puerto Rico
  • Distrito T-Mobile
  • Bahía Urbana

Tier 3: Family and cultural events

The core of Junte Boricua, these are just some of the local cultural events that will be uplifted and promoted. More coming soon!


  • Festival de la piña @ Lajas
  • Mojito Fest @ San Juan 
  • Fiesta Lloreriana @ Juana Díaz
  • Festival Gastronómico Porta del Sol @Mayagüez


  • Parada orgullo LGBTTIQ+ @ Cabo Rojo
  • Día internacional de la Salsa @ San Juan 
  • Festival del jíbaro @ Comerio
  • Fiesta Negra @ Arroyo


  • Festival de la Hamaca @ San Sebastián
  • Fiestas Patronales @ Cataño
  • Feria Nacional de Artesanía @ Barranquitas
  • Fiestas de Santiago Apóstol @ Loíza


  • Miss Universe Puerto Rico @ San Juan
  • Concurso nacional de trovadores @ Morovis
  • MIDA Conference & Food show @ San Juan
  • XX Norceca Panamerican Cup @ Ponce

Among many other local festival and cultural events in all municipalities around the Island.

Benefits for our sponsors

Direct impact on the reputation and image as a sponsor of an initiative that will impact the economy and well-being of Puerto Rico.

Brand exposure in massive opening and closing activities of Junte Boricua that will take place in Puerto Rico.

Connection of brands with Puerto Rican audiences in the archipelago and in the diaspora; with the potential to reach some 7.5 million people in both places.

Projection of the brand's social commitment to customers and the community.


  • Thank you, Billy Ocasio and Gaby Ortigoni, for supporting Junte Boricua and for recognizing the value of this big junte between boricuas who hold Puerto Rico close to their hearts, no matter where they are. 

Invite your friends and family to visit Puerto Rico.

Send one of this postcards and ask them to join the Junte Boricua between may and August, 2024.


Danza de bomba y plena